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Welcome to enjoy one day trip and experience the whole process of coffee production from bean to cup. One day cofee tour is situated in an area called Kahawa Shamba at Uru vilage and Marangu vilage. It is Swahili and means coffee farm. Kahawa Shamba is located approximately 20 minutes drive from Moshi. During the driving, you will climb up the mountain slopes to 1700 meters above sea level. When you arrive the village guide is ready to welcome you.

Exploring the coffee production is initiated in the restaurant, where you can drink morning coffee. During the drink the guide will explain something about the coffee cultivation and how it has affected the life in the villages nearby. The coffee is organic and is farmed with Fair-trade standards. About 70 percent of the coffee tour fee goes to the three villages around Kahawa Shamba. Villagers gather few times a year to discuss how the money should be used. Recently they have been building school and improving roads.

After drinking coffee, you will walk about 20 minutes to coffee plantation. During the walk you can see a lot of different plants, like bananas, corn, avocado and a variety of spices. In the coffee farm you will see how the coffee plants are planted and how do they grow. After that you can pick some coffee berries and see how they are processed. Finally you can drink a cup of self made coffee.


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